Empowering Social Influencers

I'm a creator I'm a brand
  • Creators

    Create and Share your content while interacting with your audience while developing a strategy for growth.

    • Technology

      Empower your online influence with the use of intelligent software assisting with growth every step of the way.

    • Community

      Connect with other content creators to collaborate and grow your audiences together.

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How we work

We don't just have you sign an agreement and offer support now and again, it's much more than that. Every partner gets a personal connection with a member of staff assisting with growth and exposure.

Optimal Exposure

Work with powerful Social Influencers and reach new audiences at a rapid pace. Let's talk and see how we can help grow your product and have it reach it's target audience.

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Let a wider audience disover your talents and enhance your online music production.

  • SoundCloud Membership

    Monetize tracks and gain access to track banners.

  • Music Distribution

    Get your tracks heard across thousands of stores worldwide including iTunes, Spotify and Beatport.

  • Incredible Support

    Our team are here every step of the way providing support for your growing online career.

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