No Lock In Contract

No lock In Contract when you partner with Zoonix! Just give us 30 days notice.

70% Default Revenue Share

All Creators will receive no lower than a 70% Default Revenue Share.


We are Zoonix!

Zoonix is powered by Freedom! and is a next generation media company offering premium content creators the best support and opportunities. We work with a range of creators on multiple platforms to help grow their content providing the tools they need to grow their brand and audience.

Why Choose Us?

  • High Quality Support
  • Variety of Sponsorships
  • Access to Royalty Free Music
  • Flexible Revenue Shares
  • Access to the Zoonix Community
  • In-depth Dashboard Access

No Lock In Contract

No Lock in contract. Just give us 30 days notice by requesting to Unlink.

70% Revenue Share

All creators start at 70%. For a custom share please contact us.

24/7 Support

Fast & Reliable support via Tickets, Email, Twitter, Discord & Facebook.

Verification Assistance

We can help Verify YouTube channels that have over 100k Subscribers.


We offer a variety of Sponsorship to our Partners no matter the size.


Join our Community Discord to interact & collaborate with others.

Referral Program

Recruit other creators and receive 15% commission for 1 year.

Royalty Free Music

Access to paid Music Libraries free of charge for our creators.


YouTube Partnership

Zoonix, as a division of Freedom!, provides the best services and support to our partners. Join our YouTube network today by clicking the apply now button.

Requirements For Partnership

  • No Copyrighted Content
  • Active Adsense Account
  • No Community or Copyright Strikes
  • Monetization Fully Enabled
  • Produce High Quality Content
  • Channel Regularly Posts Content


Total Views

Total Views in Zoonix


Channels Partnered

Total Partners in Zoonix


Total Videos

Total Videos in Zoonix


Total Subscribers

Total Subscribers in Zoonix


Partner Dashboard

The Freedom/Zoonix Partner dashboard will be the primary place to manage settings, view analytics and gain access to the services we offer.

Dashboard Access

  • Access Sponsorships
  • Access Royalty Free Music
  • Manage Payment Information
  • View Earnings & Payment Data
  • and More!